Team Training Call 16 September 2013

by Michael Sparks | Team Training Call

Sparks Team AMSOIL Training Call for Monday September 16th, 2013.

This weeks call we talk about getting started selling AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer Products and what AGGRAND can do to help you build your AMSOIL Business.
AGGRAND is the Fertilizer Division of AMSOIL Inc. All AMSOIL Dealers are authorized to sell AGGRAND products as part of their business.
Our training call covers:

  • Training an understand AGGRAND Products and how they work. Be sure to check out the AGGRAND Website
  • G1380 AGGRAND literature and training packet for $12.50
  • Using AGGRAND
  • Soil Analysis
  • New AGGRAND Application Ratio Cost Calculator (available in the dealers zone)
  • High profit potential for AGGRAND  products
    • Higher Commission Credits
    • High retail profits (50% in some cases)
    • Huge Market Potential for AGGRAND Dealers
  • Marketing AGGRAND.
    • Having a dealer website like the one that I have.
    • Selling on Craigslist and other online sources
    • Using local papers to sell AGGRAND
    • Doing Farm Shows and other agriculture events
  • Dealer Bryan Frambach talks about selling AGGRAND Locally
  • Bruce Wappman talks about doing Farm and Agriculture shows to get in front of potential customers.

3.1 Keys to Success in Working with the AGGRAND Division of AMSOIL Inc.

  1. Learn the Products
  2. Get prepared, have literature and registration forms as well as dealer clothing
  3. Advertise, promote, educate
    1. Register Customers and Profit

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