There are 1,001 reasons why investing in your AMSOIL business will pay you back a significant income in the future.
We encourage you to get registered NOW for this exciting event held in May.

All AMSOIL Dealers are encouraged to attend the premier AMSOIL training event, held in Duluth, Minnesota / Superior, Wisconsin.

If you are not yet an AMSOIL Dealer, it’s not too late to take part in this training event. You can get registered as an AMSOIL Dealer and take advantage of the knowledge you will gain by attending AMSOIL University. The information you will learn will give you a solid foundation for a lifetime of success as an AMSOIL Dealer!


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Learn about lubrication and filtration from the company that has pioneered synthetic lubrication. AMSOIL University is designed as a fast-paced training event for all dealers who are interested in learning how to quickly grow their business.
AMSOIL University
May 18-22, 2014
(Event starts at approx 5:00 pm CST on Sunday May 18th)

Registration for AMSOIL University 2014: Pre-registration is now open for AMSOIL University Core Technology and Dealer training scheduled for May 18-22, 2014. We encourage Dealers to pre-register early to take advantage of early bird savings. Early enrollment prior to January 31, 2014 is $397 per Dealer, a savings of $50 over the normal tuition cost.

Duluth Entertainment & Convention Center
Core Technology Program:
Coursework focus:
Engine Operation & Lubrication, Filtration, Lubrication Fundamentals, Mobile Drivetrain, Dealer Basics & Expectations, Leadership Principles, How to Use the AMSOIL Website, Sales Administration & Business Management, Basics of Storytelling, AGGRAND/ALTRUM Basics, OEMs & Their Impact on AMSOIL Markets, Shop Talk Segment & Daily Dealer Forums.
Business Development Program
Prerequisites: Must have previously attended an AMSOIL University Core Technology Program, a C&F or CAT school or have sufficient field experience.
Coursework focus: Commercial Account Prospecting & Sales, Retail Account Prospecting & Sales, Relationship Building & Networking, Solution Selling, Dealer Coaching, Brilliant Sales & Marketing, Administering Your AMSOIL Business, Time Management, Solution Selling, Powerful Presentations, Advanced AGGRAND, OEMs & Their Impact on AMSOIL Markets, Shop Talk Segment & Daily Dealer Forums.
Advanced Development Program
Prerequisites: Must have achieved Direct Jobber status and completed previous AMSOIL educational training.
Coursework focus: OEMs and Their Impact on AMSOIL Markets, Detailed Product Applications, Buying Motives, Connecting/Convincing/Collaborating with Buyers, Leaving a Legacy (Succession Planning), Effective Questions, Time Management, Administering Your AMSOIL Business, Advanced AGGRAND, Dyno-Lab Field Trip, Shop Talk Segment & Daily Dealer Forums.

Registration Fees Through January 31, 2014 February 1, 2014 until AMSOIL University
AU Training $397 $447
Attending Spouse $196 $246
Spouse attending Lunches & Social Events Only $50 $75

Cancellation Policy
In order to cancel your registration, you must contact AMSOIL University Registration Coordinator Julie Jacobson, either by phone at 715-392-7101, ext. 6327, or by fax at 715-392-5225, or by email at
* Get a 10% rebate on products while at AMSOIL U *
All AMSOIL Dealers attending AMSOIL University are eligible to receive a 10% rebate on all product orders placed during the week of the training. Rebates will be capped at $5,000 (10% of $50,000). Orders may be picked up at the AMSOIL Center while attending AMSOIL U, or may be shipped to the Dealer. To qualify for the rebate, orders must be placed the week of AMSOIL U.

AMSOIL University 2014

AMSOIL University 2014