Words of wisdom from a long time AMSOIL dealer with a successful dealership. We believe that having a great story is key to anyone in any business. People gravitate to stories of why, and how you began in your chosen profession. AMSOIL Direct Jobber is no exception. Listen to his story on getting started back in 1988 through his direct experience with AMSOIL products. But notice, that his it was his sponsoring dealer that initiated his interest. Without his sponsor speaking up and showing Larry a better product solution with AMSOIL, there would have never been a story, or a life changing business opportunity like AMSOIL.

AMSOIL Direct Jobber Larry Crider runs a successful Dealership in Corpus Christi, Texas. His advice?

“Write that plan!”

“Every really successful businessman I’ve ever met has a plan,” Crider said. “It doesn’t matter if it’s written down or just in your head. You must be able to clearly articulate what your plan is and how you intend to implement that plan.

“Decide exactly what you want to accomplish and how you want to accomplish it. Decide how much time you can spend on your AMSOIL business and treat it like a business, not as a hobby.

“If you can only give it a few hours per week, then make the most of those hours every time they are available. Be consistent.”

Crider started his Dealership 30 years ago. “Every year I think about what I want to accomplish over the next 12 months and then break that down into monthly goals,” Crider said. “I even have a sign hanging on the wall of my office right next to me that says, ‘What have you done today to further your goals?’ It’s right by my computer monitor and nags me to get things done.”

It Started at the Race Track

Crider’s introduction to AMSOIL was in the summer of 1988 at a race event in San Antonio, Texas, where he met AMSOIL Direct Jobber Mike Westwood. “My own race car was powered by an extremely modified type one Volkswagen* engine and had really high cylinder head temperatures,” Crider said. “Mike assured me it would lower the temps. So I bought enough of the SAE 40 weight racing oil and the gear lube that AMSOIL made at that time for my car and a friend’s Formula Atlantic race car.”

The difference between the Castrol* 20W-50 oil and the AMSOIL SAE 40 oil was apparent immediately, Crider said. “With a simple oil change the engine was noticeably quieter,” he said. “Where the big high-lift camshaft could be heard clattering around in the crankcase with the Castrol, now it was stunningly quiet, and subsequent runs at the track showed a temperature drop of almost 40 degrees.”

Crider was impressed, but the clincher for him was the AMSOIL performance in his friend’s Formula Atlantic car the following weekend. After running some practice laps, they installed the AMSOIL SAE 40 in the car’s engine and transmission. After about three laps on the track, Crider’s friend came back to report he had picked up almost 550 rpms. That was equivalent to about “6 mph, or three or four car lengths on the straight just from changing lubricants,” Crider said.

During the race that day, Crider’s friend knocked the bottom off the right-hand side pod, tearing the bottom off the radiator. But he kept going because he’d never led a race before. “By the final lap the engine was severely overheated and losing power, but he finishes and when he coasts back to the pits it’s so hot the paint on the engine was scorched,” Crider said.

Later, they tore down the engine, which Crider declared an “anchor.” He advised his friend it was time for a new one they did find a crack in the head that needed replacing, Crider said. “But the bottom end, including the cylinders, was in great shape,” he recalled. They replaced the head, milled the deck and put it back together with new rings and bearings. “Two weeks later, that very engine was racing again,” Crider said.

That was when Crider looked up Westwood and said, “Sign me up, Mike.”

Working Trade Shows, Cultivating Businesses

For that matter, being an AMSOIL Dealer doesn’t seem like work. This is fun to me.”

Crider’s niche is trade shows. “My primary form of advertising is trade shows,” Crider said. “For starters, I’m at my best in front of people. I’m a people person and that comes out when I’m talking to prospects at shows. More than that, though, is I just love working shows. To me they are fun and don’t even seem like work. For that matter, being an AMSOIL Dealer doesn’t seem like work. This is fun to me.”

Crider focuses on retail and commercial accounts. “I love working with businesses in general, and I do think that I have a particular knack with retailers,” he said. “A number of these business owners I’ve met at trade shows, but I also do a lot of prospecting. “The thing to remember with cold calling is that you must be ready for questions, any question, and be able to give a credible-sounding answer immediately because you might not get another shot. You must sound like not just an expert, but ‘The Expert.’”

That means Dealers need to constantly educate themselves on all aspects of the AMSOIL business, Crider said.

Sales Come Through Confidence, Resilience, Process

Potential customers respond to confidence Crider said. I’ve been told that I have a tendency to blow into a business like a tornado, look everyone in the eye and say, ‘which one of you is the boss?’ You’re probably picking up the fact that I’m not shy about it, and, frankly, you cannot be shy about it. You must exude Confidence and have an air of success to you because prospects pick up on that, and people like to work with winners.”

In addition to advising his new Dealers to project an air of confidence even if  they aren’t really feeling it, Crider said it’s important to move forward when a prospect is not interested. “Develop a thick skin when it comes to being told no, because you’re going to be told no,” Crider said. “Just say ‘next’ and move on to the next prospect.

“Consistency is always the key to success. Keep at it and you will find yesses in the midst of the nos.”

Crider said he tells newer Dealers that the key to making a sale is to know and
develop their process. “I tell my downline all the time that selling should not be a random thing,” Crider said. “Selling is a process and needs to be treated as such. Every sale starts with a question, either the prospect asking you a question or you initiating things by asking the prospect a question. You follow your process to the end which, hopefully, ends in a sale. People who have watched me at a trade show have even commented on how I do it the exact same way every single time regardless of the product involved.”

It’s not unusual for it to take a number of visits to take an account from simply registering to placing an order, Crider said. “I read somewhere that the average sale in the U.S. market must be asked for five times Crider said, and where the average salesmen fails is they ask once or twice and give up.
So you have to be persistent.”

He talked about a large oil field fracking company that he and his downline Dealer, Tim Kroeger, set their sites on. “After many dog and pony shows from Alice, Texas to Midland, Texas, to phone meetings with their location in North Dakota and their home office in Louisiana, we got them, and I’ve got to say that was a huge sense of accomplishment.”

Customer service is the key to keeping customers, Crider said.

“I’m huge on customer service, and call or go see in person all my accounts regularly,” he said. Some accounts like to be contacted as often as twice a month, he said. Others don’t need that much
attention. “Many years ago, my father, who was enormously successful with an oil field service business, told me ‘Larry, sales is not about companies and products; sales is about people. Take care of your customers in a personal way, be their friend to the extent possible and they’ll keep buying because they like you and trust you to take care of them.”

Fund your Passion with AMSOIL

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