In this months AMSOIL Dealer magazine there was a feature story about the top New AMSOIL Dealers in 2018. We wanted to share this article to give you some insights on what it takes to be successful as a new AMSOIL Dealer. Whether you are just getting started as a dealer or if you are just looking to become an AMSOIL dealer we believe you will benefit from hearing about these successful dealers of 2018.

The AMSOIL Business has been a tremendous opportunity for any entrepreneurial minded person who has a passion for anything mechanical from cars, trucks, boat to motorcycles and other powersports. Secondly, successful AMSOIL Dealers are interested in helping their customers and accounts understand the value, performance and protection that AMSOIL products offer.

Hope you enjoy this article (originally published, March 2019, AMSOIL Dealer Magazine)

Fund Your Passion with the AMSOIL Business Opportunity

Building a successful AMSOIL Dealership is no get-rich-quick endeavor. It takes time and effort, knowledge and dedication, willingness to step out of your comfort zone – and a little bit of luck.

Everybody starts at the same place – paying the registration fee. But, after that, every Dealership is unique, just like the people who run them. Here’s a look at how some of 2018’s top new dealers fared during their first year in business.


David Tortora – Middletown, N.J.
Among new Dealers in 2018, David Tortora of Middletown, N.J. was second in Most New Catalog Customers, third in Most New Customers and second in Sales to New Customers.

Tortora does most of his AMSOIL work online, and he focuses on different types of businesses – powersports, towing companies and landscapers, for example. Initially, he approaches them on social media, gets contact information, then sends them product specific email. Other times he sends out newsletters with general product information. “Sometimes people don’t realize all the products AMSOIL has,” he said. “Find what people want and sell it to them.”

Tortora said he doesn’t push people who are reluctant to give up their favorite brands, and he doesn’t take it personally when people say ‘no.’ “You’ve been told ‘no’ since you were a child,” he said. But he makes himself available to those who become his customers.

Tortora sees his AMSOIL business as a long-term investment. His goal is to make some extra money. “I want to be able to make $1,000 clear a month,” he said.

Joe and Cheryle Tagliamonte – Dunnellon, Fla.
Among new Dealers in 2018, Joe and Cheryle Tagliamonte of Dunnellon, la.
placed third in the Most New Catalog Customers category.

Joe, a full-time dragline (excavator) operator, was initially drawn to AMSOIL products through his interest in motocross. He was an AMSOIL customer for a number of years before moving to Florida, where a friend had used AMSOIL products for kart racing, but lost his connection to his Dealer. “My friend was upset that he couldn’t find it anymore,” Tagliamonte said. I’m always trying to solve problems, and not being able to find AMSOIL definitely fits the bill. So I went home and started research on how I could get AMSOIL for my friend. That’s what kind of sparked my interest in becoming a Dealer.”

His sales calls are more like meetings with friends. “I treat every potential customer like a friend instead of a client,” he said. “I show them their needs are my main focus, not the money I would make by working with them.” Customers become life-long friends and clients with this approach, he said.

Tagliamonte uses AMSOIL online resources. “I filled out the AMSOIL game plan first,” he said. “I find it to be very useful in achieving my goals. I find myself always updating my game plan because business is always changing. If you don’t set goals for yourself then you have nothing to push toward.”


Jon and Rachelle Thompson –Sahuarita, Ariz.
Among new Dealers in 2018, Jon and Rachelle Thompson of Sahuarita, Ariz.
were third in Sales to New Customers and second in Sales to Retail Accounts.

Jon, a full-time border patrol agent, first learned about AMSOIL when he was looking for brake fluid for his race car. Before long, he was using AMSOIL products in all of his vehicles and equipment.

As a Dealer, he started by selling to people and businesses he knew, and
got his feet wet opening accounts. As his confidence grew, Thompson became cerfitied and eligible for the AMSOIL Locator. He uses the Locator to find potential new customers in areas that are not covered by other Dealers, sometimes planning his prospecting trips around information gleaned from it.

His business plan is to open one new retail or commercial account each month. On his days off, Thompson tries to make contact with 10-20 businesses. “I get a few appointments,” he said. He brings them samples of AMSOIL products specific to their needs. “Give them a taste of it (AMSOIL products), then they want more,” Thompson said.

His advice to other Dealers? “Try to start with people you know and gain confidence– that’s easier,” he said. “Use the products and know them very well”.


Jason Harris – Regina, Saskatechewan
Among new Dealers in 2018, Jason Harris of Regina, Saskatechewan, was first in Most New Customers, First in Sales to New Customers, second in Sales to Retail Accounts, second in Most New Catalog Customers, second in Most New Dealers and second in Top Earnings.

Harris, who is a journeyman crane operator, saw the Dealer opportunity online. His mechanical abilities and knowledge of lubrication put him at ease talking about AMSOIL products.“You just have to talk to people,” Harris said. “The best way is to be personable with your customers.”

He Quickly became certified and attended AU Online. “That taught me stuff that helped,” he said.

The quality of AMSOIL products makes them attractive to his customers. “People want to save money, and they want the best products available in their car,” Harris said.

He’s philosophical about the people who are hesitant to purchase AMSOIL
products. “You’ll have good days and bad days, but be persistent,” Harris
said. “Go back to them. Be persistent, and don’t give up.”


Jason Foster – Clovis, Calif.
Among new Dealers in 2018, Jason Foster of Clovis, Calif. was third in Sales
to Commercial Accounts.

Foster is a full-time construction superintendent working in the heavy civil
industry. His interest in AMSOIL started when a neighbor, who is an AMSOIL Dealer, gave him a bottle of Quickshot®. “I was so impressed I began asking questions and doing my own research on AMSOIL,” said Foster. “I switched all of my vehicles to AMSOIL. I began telling my buddies about the products.”

Eventually, his AMSOIL Dealer asked him if he wanted to become a Dealer,
and he now spends about eight to 10 hours a week developing his AMSOIL

Foster enjoys helping people, so he listens and helps identify potential problems a customer may have. He sees it as a relationship-building process. “It may take one or two months to get a commercial account where they need to be,” he said. “It’s hard work. My first commercial account took several visits helping with cross-referencing filters. I even went in on a Saturday and changed the oil on three fleet trucks.

He has a five-year plan to gain six commercial accounts and one new Dealer “With my current schedule I want to be sure I spend enough time with new customers and mentor new Dealers to be successful.”

Caleb and Margo Kill – McBain, Mich.
Among new Dealers in 2018, Caleb and Margo Kill of McBain, Mich. were second in Sales to Commercial Accounts.

Caleb, who works at a meat-processing facility, is another amateur racer who first learned about AMSOIL products on the track. He asked questions, learned more about the products and eventually became a Dealer. He focuses on commercial accounts. “Living in a small-town area, I’ve used the ‘who you know’ aspect to get my foot in the door with people,” Kill said. “Then I present the product that would benefit that company or person and tell them of all the amazing things AMSOIL products can do for them. I’ve always been a bit of a salesman, so selling an amazing product usually isn’t
too hard.”

Kill researches area businesses and determines which AMSOIL products meet their specific needs. “Once they realize the full benefits of switching to AMSOIL, they are very intrigued to try it out, and then they are hooked,” he said. “As far as non-business customers, the added length of time between oil changes and the extra protection is usually enough to get them to bite.”

His advice to other Dealers starting out is to not give up. “You’ll have people tell you ‘no,’ and that’s perfectly fine,” Kill said. “You just have to stick with it and you’ll get those sales and land those accounts.”


Chris Olson – Montclair, Calif.
Among new Dealers in 2018, Chris Oldson of Montclair, Calif. was first in Most New Dealers.

Olson is the manager of a generator rental company who plays to his strengths. He likes motorcycles and classic cars. “That seems to have paid off a bit,” Olson said. “I always have my business cards handy, and whenever I see someone riding a motorcycle or driving a classic car – at the gas station, in the parking lot, or on a motorcycle group ride or at a car show – I always ask them about their bike or car.”

Most people tell him they do their own maintenance, and that’s when he has an opportunity to let them know about AMSOIL products. “I always tell them I’m an Independent AMSOIL Dealer and give them a card,” Olsen said. “I even have cards that say, ‘Nice Ride!’ with my information printed on the back. I’ll put them on parked motorcycles and cars if I see them in a parking lot while I’m out and about. I seem to have the most luck with in-person contacts.”


Scott Climie – Lorette, Manitoba
Among new Dealers in 2018, Scott Climie of Lorette, Manitoba, Canada was third in Sales to Retail Accounts. Climie is a locomotive mechanic for Canadian National Railway. He said he has had success selling AMSOIL
products to work colleagues and family members. “Cold customers are extremely challenging,” Climie said. “My service goal is to not push any product, but simply listen to customers’ needs and concerns and take it from there.”

He researches and gives customers the information they need to make informed choices. “If I don’t know the answers to questions, I’ve gone as far as phoning dealerships for certain information on a vehicle,” Climie said. “This has been received well. I want to provide more than product; I want to be there if customers have any questions.”

Success lies in knowledge, Climie said. “Keep your expectations in check. Try to learn as much as you can about not only AMSOIL, but all brands,” he
said. “You need to be familiar with the industry. Honesty gains trust.”

David Beer – Nazareth, Pa.
Among new Dealers in 2018, David Beer II of Nazareth, Pa. was third in sales to New Customers and first in Sales to Retail Accounts.

Beer is a diesel mechanic at a Ford* dealership, but it’s his role as the family
mechanic that sparked his interest in AMSOIL. “I’ve always taken care of
everybody’s cars,” Beer said. “I needed one oil for them all. I can stick with
AMSOIL and put it in everything.”

He’d like to one day open his own oil change service and repair shop.
Beer describes himself as a “hands-on, face-to-face person.” He often picks
up new customers simply through talking with people and word-of-mouth
recommendations. “I think that’s working for me,” he said.

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