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Welcome to our Dealer Training Website

We are  Michael and Alecia Sparks. We have been AMSOIL Dealers since 2000 when Michael started his business in El Paso Texas. Currently we live in Clarksville Tennessee and provide leadership, mentor-ship and training to dealers in our team.

It is our goal to to able to help you grow your AMSOIL business by utilizing the tools put forth by AMSOIL as well as help learning more about selling and building an AMSOIL business through experiences shared by others.

With this site, you get exclusive content to help you start, and grow your AMSOIL business. AMSOIL provides the foundation, we provide the “icing on the cake” so to speak. We will guide you through the process of getting started with your AMSOIL business.

These tools have been used by many AMSOIL dealers with great success. We know they will work for you too.

Not yet an AMSOIL Dealer?

If you found our dealer training site because you may be interested in becoming a dealer please check go to our Become an AMSOIL Dealer page to learn more or get registered in this exciting business opportunity

AMSOIL Account Direct

Why Account Direct? What is Account Direct? We believe AMSOIL provides a unique business opportunity that allows someone to start with low cost, and build a profitable home business. Where AMSOIL is unique is in the fact that AMSOIL dealers can work with business customers. This hybrid compensation plan between MLM (multilevel marketing) and traditional outside sales compensation allows anyone to maximize their ability, their time and their efforts.

Account Direct is a level of recognition given by AMSOIL for dealers that have registered 25 Commercial or Retail-on-the-shelf accounts. We believe this level is the bread and butter of any dealership as well as a stepping stone to higher levels of compensation and recognition.

Work from Home Limitations, not with AMSOIL


Many work from home opportunities are very limited in who, what and how you can work with customers. With the broad product line and the ability to work the AMSOIL business in a variety of ways that suits your needs and your time; AMSOIL is a way for you to achieve financial freedom if you so desire.

We hope you will become part of this training website so you can share your experiences, provide motivation and help others achieve their goals.

Thanks for stopping by!

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