AMSOIL Dealer/Direct Jobber Awards and Incentives

After being in the military for the last 30 years (since 1988), one thing I’ve learned is that individual recognition ranks high for moral and happy soldiers. We think A.J. Amatuzio (being a military man) believed in the same things. This is why AMSOIL Inc. has created awards and recognition to help motivate new and veteran dealers alike.

People have asked me when I got started with the AMSOIL Business opportunity back in 2000 if I had set clear and attainable goals. To be honest, I didn’t write down set goals. When I received the AMSOIL Business manual in the mail I poured over it immediately, and came across a booklet entitled “Dealer/Direct Jobber Awards and Incentives.” This was it! I exclaimed to myself. “This is what I’m going to do to build my AMSOIL business. I’m going to follow this booklet to the T!” Sadly this booklet is no longer available from AMSOIL, but I have recreated it below from my last copy that I had saved. As of the date of this page (June 26th, 2018), these Awards and Incentives are still followed by AMSOIL Inc.
There are many new and exciting ways to begin and grow your AMSOIL Business. But the tried and true method is listed below. As stated in the AMSOIL philosophy:

The overriding priority in our Marketing Plan is a Business Opportunity for AMSOIL Dealers. AMSOIL INC. provides programs and support mechanisms to help AMSOIL Dealers earn a residual income mainly through the sponsorship and training of other AMSOIL Dealers, as well as the utilization of the sales programs.

AMSOIL has implemented high level dealer training online through the AMSOIL University Online Certification Course. All dealers have access to this. New dealers receive a Quick Start Guide as well and can benefit from “The AMSOIL Gameplan” which is a goals-based strategy for establishing your business and growing at a pace with which you’re comfortable. Through this Game Plan, we offer guidance for setting and evaluating goals to help you achieve the success you envisioned when you became an AMSOIL Dealer.
To get a free copy of the the AMSOIL Quick Start Guide, the AMSOIL Game Plan, The AMSOIL G47-A Policies and Procedures as well as the G47-B Compensation Please send me a message. We’ll get those documents (in PDF) right out to you.

Above and Beyond the AMSOIL Marketing Plan

Fact: AMSOIL means opportunity, and the opportunities present in an AMSOIL Dealership are not limited to those detailed in the marketing plan (G47B Compensation). The AMSOIL Marketing Plan provides plenty of opportunity for success and financial rewards, but the complete AMSOIL package offers a great deal more. Recognizing the need to communicate to dealers and their importance to the company, AMSOIL continues to design new, innovative programs intended to provide further incentives to Dealers.

The success of the company is completely dependent on you, the Dealer. Recognition of successful Dealers above and beyond the marketing plan has always been a big part of the business, and it will always factor into the benefits of your Dealership. New levels of recognition, monetary contests and achievement awards are incentive programs that have given successful Dealers more to look forward to in their business than just their monthly commission checks.

As if there’s not enough incentive in the profits you can realize from retail sales and your monthly commission checks from AMSOIL, these added programs can seriously give you something to work toward…and something to from which to profit. With over 45 years of helping dealers realize their dreams and goals through incentives like these, AMSOIL has demonstrated undeniable integrity and concern for the success of its hard-working dealers.

New Dealer Award Program

  1.  Appreciation letter for 1 dealer sponsored +100 monthly commission credits
  2. Achievement letter for 3 dealers and 300 monthly commission credits
  3. Achievement letter for 5 dealers sponsored and 500 monthly commission credits

Achievement Pins

  • 1000 Level Pin
    • 10 Dealers directly sponsored
    • 1000 monthly commission credits
    • The regular activity in which you’re engaging is paying off with regular income. your 1000 level pin lets people know that you’re an accomplished Dealer, actively engaged in a promising business.
  • 1500 Level Pin
    • 15 Dealers directly sponsored
    • 1500 monthly commission credits
    • The pin you receive at the level of 15 total Dealers sponsored and 1500 commission credits in a month expresses a serious intention to work your business. You’ve made serious accomplishments, you’re taking your Dealership seriously, and you will make serious money.
  • 2000 Level Pin
    • 20 Dealers directly sponsored
    • 2000 monthly commission credits
    • This is a level at which it is time to set a goal of becoming a Direct Jobber. The 2000 Level pin is a symbol of determination and future success.
  • 2500 Level Pin
    • 25 Dealers directly sponsored
    • 2500 monthly commission credits
    • The 2500 level pin expresses consistent growth in the final stages toward becoming a Direct Jobber. This high level of achievement is the final statement of your determination to reach the level of Direct Jobber.
  • Direct Dealer Pin
    • 3000 monthly commission credits
    • In one month, you have established the same volume of sales that is required to become a Direct Jobber. The Direct Dealer pin signifies that you are an up-and-coming leader in the business, with the potential for solid consistent sales.
  • Direct Jobber Pin
    • 3000 monthly commission credits for three consecutive months
    • Your level of performance exceeds that of most dealers, and you are ready for a new level of responsibility. The Direct Jobber pin announces your new status to your customers and peers.

Account Direct and Direct Dealer

  • Account Direct
    • 25 Commercial and/or Retail-on-the-Shelf accounts
    • 1000 Commission Credits
    • We believe Account Direct should be a first larger goal of any new AMSOIL Dealer, and the reason we named this AMSOIL Dealer Training website AccountDirect! Learn more about the AMSOIL Account Direct program and philosophy.
  • Direct Dealer
    • 3000 Commission Credits
    • When you’ve made it the status of Account Direct and Direct Dealer, you know you’ve worked hard and founded a solid business. AMSOIL knows this too, and acknowledges your work. Account Directs receive a 7″ by 9″ plaque, crafted of the finest black walnut and adorned with a screened brass plate stating your accomplishment. And for Direct Dealers: the same plaque with an engraved brass lacquered plate with your name and title.
  • Direct Jobber
    • A whole new level of achievement
    • The level of Direct Jobber is a part of the marketing plan that enables successful Dealers to gain more from the personal group and business that they’ve established. But there are recognition programs that go beyond the marketing plan to honor the successful Direct Jobber– programs that provide additional incentives, both monetary and personal, to reach even greater heights of enthusiasm and achievement.
    • Direct Jobber Award
    • A 9″ by 12″ walnut plaque with an etched plate signifies the same high standard of quality and excellence exhibited by a dealer of this caliber. In keeping with the great accomplishment of Direct Jobber status, the personalized brass plate bears the signature of A.J. Amatuzio.

The AMSOIL Growth Bonus Program

for incentive-qualified Direct Jobbers

After achieving the level of Direct Jobber, you are entitled to considerable compensation based on the sales of your personal group, enough to maintain a good income. But you can earn more than just a good income if you and your personal group continue to demonstrate considerable growth. AMSOIL recognizes the need for growth in a business and offers incentive-qualified Direct Jobbers extra monetary incentives for increased volume based on the previous year’s sales in their personal group. Direct Jobbers can earn up to 10% of the volume exceeding a certain percentage of their personal group sales in the previous year. The program keeps you striving for further growth, encouraging you to pursue further excellence through sponsoring and training. In addition, 3% and 2% bonuses are paid on the growth of first and second level Direct Jobbers in your team.

Direct Jobber Levels

AMSOIL recognizes higher levels of achievement after you become a Direct Jobber. In fact, you enter a whole new stratum of levels which you can aspire to achieve. Each new level of Direct Jobbership (Premier, Executive, Master, Regency, Regency Silver, Regency Gold, and Regency Platinum) launches you into graduated compensation packages according the the marketing plan as well as warrants a heightened level of encouragement and recognition from AMSOIL. There are, in fact, appropriate award given by AMSOIL for each new level.

AMSOIL Lapel Pin

The first four levels are awarded with an exquisite lapel pin, designed exclusively for AMSOIL with the AMSOIL log and a white gold bed for the diamonds that will adorn the pin, one diamond for each consecutive level.

  • Premier Direct Jobber
    • Upon reaching this primary level, Direct Jobbers receive a lapel pin decorated with one diamond to represent their initial accomplishments at the Direct Jobber level. It’s a precious reminder that there are treasures to be gained.
  • Executive Direct Jobber
    • After reaching this second level, AMSOIL will set a second diamond in the Executive Direct’s pin, acknowledging that they are definitely accomplished performers even at this lofty level.
  • Master Direct Jobber
    • Three diamonds are given to Master Directs, who have shown they have what it takes to carry their success to even greater heights. Master Direct is a coveted status, not easily gained and deserving of the great merit acknowledged by AMSOIL with three precious stones.
  • Regency Direct Jobber
    • The AMSOIL pin is complete with the fourth diamond you earn upon reaching Regency Direct status. It indicates a level of maturity in your AMSOIL Business that is a true accomplishment, even to your Direct Jobber peers.


The Regency series of recognition levels-Silver, Gold and Platinum- are reserved for Direct Jobbers whose accomplishments far exceed the expectations of their peers. Regency Silver, Gold and Platinum Direct have taken their businesses to the highest levels, and the compensation they receive from the marketing plan reflects their excellence. Beyond this, however, AMSOIL honors their importance to the company with a symbol of the finest quality: a specially crafted AMSOIL ring. The delicate design is available in sizes for both men and women and like the lapel pin, the rings are set with diamonds, one for each of the uppermost levels of recognition.

  • Regency Silver
    • Regency Silver Direct receive the ring set with one fine diamond to represent their graduation to the initial status of Regency Silver Direct. It sets them apart from other Direct Jobbers as people who seek the ultimate standards of excellence.
  • Regency Gold
    • You’ve struck gold, pulling yourself ahead among even the top dealers in the company. Regency Gold Direct receive a second diamond for the ring. something that lets others know they are truly on their way to the top.
  • Regency Platinum
    • Virtually peerless. The few who reach this level and wear a three-diamond ring have mastered their businesses beyond all others. Their performance and achievement are to be recognized and emulated by all aspiring dealers. AMSOIL revers these dealers as the cornerstone of the company, and the precious ring represents the extent to which AMSOIL values them.

The AMSOIL Watches

The Star Regency Platinum AMSOIL watch is reserved for those who have entered the truly elite level of their business. These fine Swiss Movado watches feature inlaid diamonds for each star you receive at the Regency Platinum level. These levels are the pinnacle of achievement in the AMSOIL business opportunity.

The Star Regency Platinum status currently goes from One to Either Stars (diamonds) on your AMSOIL Watch. Earning the Regency Star Platinum designation will require the highest level of dedication, effort, ingenuity, and teamwork you can muster. But it will be guaranteed to be worth it.

Besides the above mentioned awards and recognition AMSOIL also has other great “Perks” available to dealers:

  • Direct Reserve Account
  • Golden Key Vehicle Bonus Program
  • Co-op Meeting Program
  • Trade Show Co-op Program
  • Racing Co-op Program
  • Direct Jobber Conventions
  • and more…

As Mr. A.J. Amatuzio used to say,

“The Sky’s the Limit”

with the AMSOIL BusinesOpportunity

A Vision of Excellence

AMSOIL is a company that seeks people with vision. The future you can have with AMSOIL is the future you can envision. Can you see yourself rising above the rest to excel in your business? It’s entirely possible to the wise, to the enthusiastic, to the visionary. (Watch A.J. Amatuzio the Visionary)

You have to see yourself setting objectives and committing yourself to them. Objective one: Obtain the knowledge necessary to succeed in your AMSOIL business. Objective two: Obtain the skills required to put that knowledge to use. Objective three: Do it! The first two objectives are passive, presumably covered mostly by the AMSOIL Certification Training in your back office as well as by your mentors, sponsors and upline. The last objective is entirely up to you. You must see yourself doing it and dedicate yourself to what you can envision.

With all the opportunity, all the rewards available to an AMSOIL Dealer, one could incorrectly assume that it’s designed to work automatically. On the contrary, it requires a lot of skill, a lot of discipline. You have to discipline yourself to take the necessary steps toward reaching your objectives. Once you’ve committed to an objective, follow through with it as you envisioned yourself doing. There will be hard knocks, there will be disappointment; but resilience is the key to success, and it’s a common characteristic of those Dealers who know that with determination, integrity and honesty, one does succeed eventually. If you can picture yourself as one of these Dealers, picture yourself at the awards table, for that is where you will be.

If you are ready to take the leap of entrepreneurship,

Become an AMSOIL Dealer today!

We’re pulling for you!