AJ Amatuzio Story


AMSOIL presents “Albert J. Amatuzio: An American Success Story,” a video that details the events that shaped the man who created the world’s first API qualified synthetic motor oil, set the lubricant industry on its heels and has become a legend.

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We have had the pleasure of meeting Al many times over the years. His unwavering commitment to quality and his character is unforgettable.

As AMSOIL Dealers we are grateful for the vision that Al had all those years ago to bring synthetic lubrication to the automotive market. This video is an inspiration as well as an education on the trial and difficulties that one must go through to build a successful company and brand.

Since 1972 AMSOIL has provided a financial vehicle for those that that the drive and determination to work hard to build a successful AMSOIL Business. The AMSOIL Business Opportunity represents the spirit of American Entrepreneurship as well as a company that is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality products and that is committed to it’s independent dealers.

We hope you will enjoy this video. If you are considering becoming an AMSOIL Dealer please check out our Become an AMSOIL Dealer page or get in touch with us directly. We are committed full time AMSOIL Direct Jobbers and have been successful in all aspects of the business.