AMSOIL Dealer Training

As an AMSOIL Dealer on the Sparks Team, you have access to exclusive content to help you get started building a successful AMSOIL business Immediately. Below are pages we developed to help you understand the AMSOIL. If you would like to have access to this training program please request it using on contact form.

Account Direct Program, Philosophy

AMSOIL Dealers are independent business owners that register to sell AMSOIL products. When a person decides to become an AMSOIL dealer they work for themselves but not by themselves. Dealers have AMSOIL Inc as well as their sponsoring dealer and Direct Jobber to look towards for guidance and help.  [read more…]

 The Commercial / Retailer Program

AMSOIL Commercial Account (CA) Program The Commercial Account Program was designed to help Dealers … [Read More…]

 Step 1. Start Here

The first step in developing a plan to achieve Account Direct is to set a date that you will meet … [Read More…]

 Step 2. Make a Local List

Take a piece of paper and number it from 1-100. As you start meeting new prospects you will want to … [Read More…]

 Step 3. Use the AMSOIL Tools

Using the tools already developed for you find your niche as well as categories you want … [Read More…]

 Step 4. Be prepared

You are now armed with knowledge and a list of potential customers.  It’s time to go out and … [Read More…]

 Step 5. Register an Account

AMSOIL Dealers can register customers in their business that become customers for life. AMSOIL … [Read More…]

Step 6. Build Your Customer Base

Once you have a few customer it is important to take steps right away that insure you keep in touch … [Read More…]

 Step 7. Expanding Your Market

In this section about expanding your market we will talk about two things. One is expanding to other … [Read More…]

Step 8. Retain and Grow Customers

Once you get a customer now what do you do? Successful growth of your AMSOIL business … [Read More…]

Step 9. Product Knowlege, Solve Problems

One of the biggest benefits you can offer your customers is your expertise in helping them with … [Read More…]