Had a recent email exchange from a new AMSOIL dealer in our team. Thought I would share my thoughts and the reply.
This emails show the excitement of a new dealer and the enthusiasm of wanting to tackle a major trade show right out of the gate.

Hi Mike,
I am writing to let you know that I am still reading and studying for my T-1 Test. As you probably know questions form when reading the material. But I will get with you on that later. There are many. Things aren’t going as fast as I wanted on this, but they are surely to come about. I just have to plan carefully and be wise about how I go forward. I am hoping to be able to get a booth at the NC State fair in October. That is my first major sales goal. I am a little nervous about this and I hope to not bother you with the emails and numerous questions. I know that you are a busy man and have a business as well as a family of your own. I will talk to you soon.
New AMSOIL Dealer

My reply to this new dealer,

Dear New Dealer,
If I were you I would hold off on doing such big shows as you described. You will want to be able to talk competently about the the products as well as being able to register customers efficiently.
The key to doing trade shows is quickly talking to a prospect then qualifying them and finally getting them registered before moving on to the next prospect.
I have been to shows were we have registered several hundred customers, this doesn’t happen by chance. You have to know what you are doing.
I recommend you getting a couple dozen customers under your belt, learn how to get the paperwork filled out correctly and submitted to AMSOIL.
Does this make sense to you?
It is also nice doing shows with other dealers in your team. This gives you more chances to register more customers as well as mentorship training for your downline dealers.
Give yourself the best chance for success, get a little experience before you tackle a big show like that.
Also it might be a good idea to do some smaller shows like car, motorcycle, or gun shows in your area. These are usually low cost and will give you a chance to learn what it takes to succeed.
Hope this helps.
Talk to you soon
Michael Sparks

As you see, the proverbial cart before the horse can happen when a new dealer want to get out of the gate running. Pulling the reins back a bit and taking your business in a step by step fashion will usually result in higher success rates.
Want to take your business to the next level? Study, Practice and Teach is what you need to do. This is what will lead to success.