Latest question from a dealer in our Team.

One of my questions is:
What do you say to those that won’t believe that you can go beyond the normal drain interval. They say you have to drain the dirt and contaminants out.
A local truck fleet owner said he won’t go beyond that one resown it gives him a chance to look the trucks over and fix other things.

My Answer:

There are several answers that would appropriate for this type of customer. First thing I would do is to try to help educate them on how our products work and how it’s important to use the highest quality filtration possible. This included air filtration.
Using the AMSOIL G52, Motor Oil and Filtration Guide is a great way to help someone understand how motor oils works. The dispersant package in the oil keep the contaminants suspended. They are then transported to the filter and removed. What is not removed is kept in suspension and will not harm a vehicle. The better the filtration the longer you can go on an oil change. Using by-pass filtration can allow you to go unlimited time on an oil change.
Next after speaking with a customer like this I might not even start with engine oil I might start with other products like transmission fluid, or gear lube. They can understand that those products are kept in place for over 100,000 miles in some cases.
Another great brochure to use is the AMSOIL Pest Control Fleet Study (G2244). You can see in this brochure that the vehicles were used in extreme situations (dirt roads, extreme cold, lots of idle time). After that the vehicles were taken apart and you can see from the photo’s that the engines were clean. No dirt and contaminants in there.
The last part of your question, “he want to be able to check the vehicles over” can be done at any time. It’s a lot quicker and easier to to a “10 or 20 point inspection” than it is to do an oil change. Actually if he was smart he would have each driver look over the vehicles at least on a weekly basis. Have a “report” made up and given out to the drivers. The US Army does this, it’s call PMCS which stands for Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services.
AMSOIL has many great brochures to help educate the customer on why and how our products are superior to any other products on the market today. AMSOIL has tested, researched and and trialed each product to prove that they can perform as described and in most cases will outperform even what is written on the bottle.

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