Recently AMSOIL Regional Sales Manager, Steve LePage created a video and blog post about the importance of creating an atmosphere where your customers value you more than the competition.

Creating Customer Loyalty

Taking this one step further, can you think of ways that you can interact with your customers and create a lasting relationship? Knowing more about your customers is more important than ever.  The value that is created by forming those lasting relationships is a very strong bond between you and your customer.
Some of the ways that we have worked on creating lasting relationships in our business is through the use of greeting cards and gifts. We truly appreciate our customers and let them know it.  We send them thank you cards, holiday greetings, messages of condolences or congratulations — sometimes a card just to say hi!
Other ways to create more customer loyalty is through the power of social media. Connecting with your customers via “personal” social media can do wonders for your relationships.  You can help your customers grow their business by spreading the word about them with your social connections.
We highly recommend you read the book The Go Giver by Bob Burg to gain a better understanding of how to develop solid customer relationships.  We had a great interview with Bob Burg back in June and gained so many insights from him!
Lastly, put some thought into how you are going to keep track of the information that you learn about your customers. Take notes and keep those notes where you can access them regularly.  A quick review of your notes before you talk to a customer can help make your call more personal and successful!  We use a contact management system that is part of our email, but there are many other programs out there that specialize in customer relations management or CRM. Click here to read some reviews of other CRM software programs. Find the method that works for you and use it consistently.
Your Customers are the Keys to Your Success!