We received this email from a listener.  We so enjoy hearing from dealers that enjoy listening to our

I have been listening to your training calls online for almost a year.  I don’t believe that I’m in your group, but I wanted to express my appreciation for what I’ve learned from your calls.

My sponsor hasn’t returned a phone call or email in over 6  years, and my DJ couldn’t find it in his schedule to stop by a corporate sponsored event that I was working 10 minutes from his house.  Needless to say, my upline isn’t concerned with working the business like I am.

If there’s any assistance you can provide, I’d sure be thankful for it.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Chris M

Here is my response to Chris,


I’m sorry to hear that your sponsor and DJ are not supportive of your business, this sometimes happens. Actually this even happened to me. I have never talked to my sponsor and my Direct Jobber passed away over 8 years ago. His wife still has the business but I have never talked to her either.
My advice, don’t be like those people! If you want a large and thriving AMSOIL business do your best to help your people become successful, don’t worry about what you upline is doing. If you focus on your own business it will not matter one iota.
If you would like a support group, maybe you could contact your regional sales manager and find out if there is anyone in your upline that you could connect with. I happened to do this a long time ago when I met David and Carol Bell at a regional training event. I got on their newsletter, got plugged into their training calls and met with them when we went to AMSOIL University. At first because I was so far down the line we didn’t have do much together, but over time I proved myself, added value to their business and helped them out when I could (mostly with internet and technical stuff) as well as contributing on their calls. After some time I became one of the top dealers on their team and we became great friends.
So to say all of that, find someone in your upline, I guarantee they would be glad to have you.
Even without a sponsor or upline, it is possible to excel at AMSOIL. Plug in to generic training like Eric Worre, Todd Falcone and others. Read books, learn new skills, help more people and you will become one of the top dealers in AMSOIL.
Thank you so much for the kind words and for listening into our program. I’m so glad that it has given you value. Be sure to pass along our calls to your team! We are here to help.
Have a great AMSOIL Day!