Each month we list the top dealers on the Sparks Team. This list will be put out on the 15th of the following month after the AMSOIL commission statements are published.

Top Direct Jobbers

  1. Andriy Dyachuch, Premier Direct Jobber – Pennsylvania
  2. Bryan and Fran Frambach, Direct Jobber – Tennessee
  3. Chuck Gutleber, Direct Jobber – New Jesery

An AMSOIL Direct Jobber has proven themselves in success by achieving the title and recognition of Direct Jobber(DJ). In order to have the title of DJ the dealer must earn 3,000 commission credits (CC’s) for 3 consecutive months. Direct Jobber earns the highest commission percentage as well as being eligible forĀ  monthly and yearly bonuses based off their success. While DJ is a great accomplishment in business building this is just the beginning. Setting your sights on higher levels of recognition should be your goal.
Top Ten Earnings Dealers

  1. Lance Waddill, Dealer – Colorado
  2. Paul Wyles, Dealer – Colorado
  3. Anthony Schmidt, Dealer -Mississippi
  4. Kevin Howdeshell, Dealer – Missouri
  5. Ryan & Ashley Black, Dealer – Tennessee
  6. Fred & Dee Ann Goertzen, Dealers – Kansas
  7. Daniel & Kimberly Ginn, Dealers – Kentucky
  8. Steve & Ashley Gallaher, Dealers – Tennessee
  9. Kenneth Hester, Dealer – Tennessee
  10. Jeff Essary, Dealer – Tennessee

Top Dealers in Commission come from a variety of individual and team activities. The commission is the total monthly earning from activities of AMSOIL dealers to include, personal volume, group volume, commercial / retail account orders/ catalog / internet retail and preferred customer orders. Individual retail sales are not tracked on this report, dealers selling retail at their location can boost profits 25-50% depending on ordering discounts.
Top Ten in Personal Customer Volume CC’s

  1. Kenneth Hester, Dealer – Kentucky
  2. Lance Waddill, Dealer – Colorado
  3. Paul Wyles, Dealer – Colorado
  4. Paul Jackson, Dealer – Indiana
  5. William Schmidet, Dealer – Texas
  6. Steve Miller, Dealer – Kentucky
  7. David Naus, Dealer – Illinois
  8. Steve & Ashley Gallaher, Dealer – Tennessee
  9. Ryan Holland, Dealer – Colorado
  10. Charlie Justice, Dealer – Virginia

Top dealers in personal and customer volume track the commission credits based on individual activities and do no include downline sponsoring on this report. The fastest way to success for a new dealer is personal activities. This includes registering commercial and retailer accounts, preferred customers and catalog / internet retail sales as well as face to face sales.
Top Ten in Group Volume CC’s

  1. Craig Tice, Direct Dealer – Tennessee
  2. Paul Wyles, Dealer – Colorada
  3. Anthony Schmidt, Dealer – Mississippi
  4. Kenneth Hester, Dealer – Kentucky
  5. Lance Waddill, Dealer – Colorado
  6. Doug Johns, Dealer – North Carolina
  7. Dale Childress, Dealer – Florida
  8. David Naus, Dealer – Illinois
  9. Marcus Coyle, Dealer – Kentucky
  10. Jim Allen, Dealer – Texas

Top dealers in this area have strong team building skills. They can sponsor other dealers into the business opportunity and help them get started. In turn, commission credits (group volume) is added to the sponsoring dealer to boost commission levels.
Higher Levels of Achievement
Doug & Shannon Magin, TN – 100 CC’s 1 dealer sponsored

The AMSOIL business opportunity is a proven system of individual efforts and team building. It is our goal to help each dealer learn what works for them and to help them build a success business.
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