Below is a recent email that I sent to one of our long time AMSOIL Dealers. We had a phone discussion on helping new dealers understand how to have great success with the AMSOIL Business Opportunity.
Many of you reading this may already be AMSOIL dealers and we hope this information helps you. If you are not yet an AMSOIL dealer and are looking to become one, consider working with us, Michael & Alecia Sparks. We’re full time, we’re knowledgeable on the products, the business and most importantly how to earn a full time income with AMSOIL! Be sure to click on the Become an AMSOIL Dealer link.

“By now you know this is a numbers game. Over the years, we’ve dedicated our time to working with our dealers, customers and accounts. But in reality the best money to be made in AMSOIL is in the Commercial and Retail on the Shelf Accounts. What I would like you to understand is the power of the Commercial and Retail-on-the-Shelf (C/R) account program. No other home based business has this program in existence. As far as I know only AMSOIL allows a dealer to work with these types of accounts as well as have the opportunity to sponsor other dealers that they train to do the same thing, evermore increasing their time leverage. You see we all only have 24 hours in the day, most people want to earn X dollars per hour. In our type of business it’s not time, but the leverage of time that allows us to work as often or as little and still earn a large income.
The key being that we have to put the time up front to instill the building blocks of business. Once we get that in place we then can work on creating leverage (sponsoring) The key being that we start with what we can do personally, then show others how to do the same.
When working with new potential AMSOIL dealers it is important to show them what the potential is if they do this by themselves without sponsoring, and then if they desire, to have leverage in their business by sponsoring. This is where the showing them how to earn income comes in.
I have created a page on my website, feel free to use this for your own information. This will show what it takes for someone getting started in the AMSOIL business how to earn $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 per month. Study this and learn how to build your own business:
Next, as we talked today. This is one of the only home businesses where someone can earn a full time income (in excess of $50,000 per year) off their own efforts without employing leverage (sponsoring). So here it goes.
If I were an AMSOIL dealer starting out today, I would concentrate on the Commercial and ROTS accounts at first. Doing this will bring the fastest cash flow income for most dealers until they have the opportunity to create leverage.
What if a new AMSOIL dealer had a goal to go out and register 100 C/R accounts? Those accounts purchase $400 a month in products. The total commission on this would be about 20% of the month gross purchases for the accounts. $400 x 100 x .20=$8000 per month. This would be a yearly income of $96,000.
What if you taught 10 other dealers to do this? What about 100 other dealers how to earn $96000 a year? What would be your income?
The potential in the AMSOIL business is unprecedented. It’s there for anyone who can see the potential and do the math.
I hope this help you understand how to build and earn a tremendous income with AMSOIL.”

Thanks everyone for taking the time to stop by our AMSOIL Dealer training website. Again, if you are thinking about becoming an AMSOIL Dealer, contact us ASAP.
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