In today’s training tip I ran across a disclaimer from another company that I borrowed because I feel it would be appropriate for anyone who decides to join AMSOIL as an independent dealer.

Making money with AMSOIL is not guaranteed and will be 100% dependent upon the skills, work effort, and commitment of the new dealer.

Please note, as this is very important, this business is not easy. It takes hard work to make a substantial income in this business, and most will make no money at all. That’s the reality. The money made by an AMSOIL dealer has everything to do with the effort they put into it.
Making money with AMSOIL is not guaranteed and will be 100% dependent upon the skills, work effort, and commitment of the new dealer. The system does not do the work for you. Like weight loss, there is no magic pill. You can’t go to bed at night scraping your last dollar together and wake up a millionaire the next day. If only that were true! But, like the magic pill for weight loss, it’s not.
Oh, we have exceptional individuals in AMSOIL who have been very successful, but their accomplishments are extraordinary and do not guarantee  that every dealer experiences the same results. While everyone has the exact same chance to succeed as an AMSOIL Dealer, varying skill levels and commitment levels are what determines your ultimate success.
Keep in mind, past performance does not guarantee future results. We can not mislead potential AMSOIL Dealers by making false and misleading claims. The truth of matter is that there has been and will continue to be potential for unlimited income for those that have the desire, motivation and determination to put forth the efforts in their business.
Currently, we are top level AMSOIL Dealers in the company. While we started at the exact same place every new dealers does, with no customers and no training, through several years of efforts we now earn a better than average full time income with the AMSOIL business opportunity. It is our hope to be able to work with you and show you how to create a lifestyle that most only dream about.
Many people work all year just to have a few weeks vacation. Still others have never had the chance to take a trip or just relax. Life is full of stress and much of this stress is money related.

What if you could have an opportunity to start something with low upfront cost that builds over time and allows you to create Financial Freedom within 5 years?

If this sounds interesting to you, I would encourage you to explore the AMSOIL Dealership Business Opportunity. Discover if working with a company that has a high business ethic, has developed a product line second to none and that allows you to create a business for yourself, but not by yourself. Is AMSOIL right for you? Visit our page on What does it take?

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