We had a very interesting call yesterday. Someone was inquiring on becoming an AMSOIL dealer and wanted to know what they get with the yearly $30 fee. They looked all over the AMSOIL.com website as well as searched Google, and couldn’t find anything.
As I spoke to the gentleman, letting him know what comes with the dealership, I thought to myself that this would make a very good blog post.

What do you get with your $30 AMSOIL Dealership?

First and foremost, as an Independent AMSOIL Dealer you get the opportunity to have all the rights and privileges of being an affiliate with AMSOIL Inc., to include:

  • Use of the AMSOIL name, logos, and other marketing items in your own business.
  • The ability to purchase products at dealer cost and resell products at retail.
  • Earn commissions based on volume of sales, on a monthly basis.
  • Earn bonuses through various activities including customer / account acquisition, Sponsorship Bonuses, Direct Jobber Bonuses, etc.

Secondly, as part of your yearly AMSOIL Dealership fee, AMSOIL Inc. will:

  • Pay commissions on the 15th of each month.
  • Track earnings for yearly 1099.
  • Administrate your business, to include:
    • Paying commissions to dealers that you sponsor in your personal group.
    • Administrating your customers to include ordering, invoicing, shipping and receiving payments.

AMSOIL Dealers also get access to the basic dealers zone which includes:
My Business tab allows you to register customers, sign up for direct deposit, utilize the website tools (dealer links to amsoil.com) and volume transfers.
The Ordering Tab allows dealers to place personal orders, as well as account orders and Retail account co-op orders. You can view order history and shipping info.
The AMSOIL Dealers Zone Services Tab is where dealers can get Corporate Contacts, Search the Dealer network by account number, name or phone, view monthly Dealer Recognition, or purchase a dealer website. You can also get information on estate planning, tax information, and dealer business insurance.
The Training Tab consists of thousands of links, pages and documents to help dealers understand how to market the products, administrate their business, sell to various types of customers and more. There is training on compensation, warranties, and more. The T-1 Certification training allows dealers to be included on the “Find AMSOIL” locator as well as get free leads directly from the company.
The last main tab in the dealers zone is the Business Tools Tab. In this tab, you can learn about advertising your business, utilize cost calculators, purchase trade show displays, and download the AMSOIL digital assets (logos and online graphics). Also you can go to the AMSOIL print center for business cards and customized marketing items and use the Dealer Business system (inventory management).
Lastly, every month each dealer receives a copy of the AMSOIL Magazine. This publication covers training topics, President’s message, tech talk, testimonials, monthly leaders list and more.
The AMSOIL Dealers Zone contains many pages of information designed to help dealers succeed. A dealer can also, for a small fee (Currently $9.99/mo), upgrade to the Premium Dealers Zone. With this version, a dealer can get access to expanded personal and customer reports as well as the AMSOIL Dealer Dashboard. The Dealer Dashboard is a unique platform that gives a dealer access to timely and important sales, business and customer data that is not available otherwise.

All in all, for the small yearly investment of $30 to become an AMSOIL Dealer ($25 per year if you sign up for auto-renew) we feel that an AMSOIL Dealer gets a lot of tools to help them start, grow, and maintain a successful business.

AMSOIL Dealers on our team get exclusive access to training, conference calls, webinars and personal interaction with us to help them achieve their goals.

If you are researching how to become an AMSOIL Dealer, consider working with us. We have the skills to help you get started fast and build a financially secure business.
Michael & Alecia Sparks, AMSOIL Regency Direct Jobbers
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