AMSOIL Dealers are fortunate to be part of such a special company. As far as we know, there are no other home based business opportunities out there where the company does as much branding and promotions as AMSOIL.
While it would seem natural for those involved in racing, powersports and engine performance to know about AMSOIL, the truth is, there are many people that are just now discovering the benefits of synthetic lubrication and what it can do for engines and equipment.
When we started as AMSOIL Dealers back in 2000 there was very little AMSOIL Brand visibility in racing. Most of it was at the grass roots level that was sponsored by independent dealers. To this day, many AMSOIL dealers provide racing sponsorship in an effort to help build their business locally.
Over the last 15 years, AMSOIL Inc has taken on a more serious role in order to build that corporate band image. This is great for all independent dealers because now the brand recognition is growing and people outside of racing are experiencing the higher level of lubrication performance that AMSOIL provides.
MJAT Tulsa monster jamWe recently attended an event called the Monster Jam, held in Louisville Kentucky. Over two days and two shows there were between 5,000 and 10,000 people in attendance to watch 1,000+ horsepower monster trucks battle it out in the arena. This event draws many younger kids who love to hear the loud engines, and see these truck jump 20 or more feet in the air. Its quite a site to see.
This brings me to a point. Connecting with our future drivers, mechanics, performance enthusiasts today will help build that brand recognition for the future. Our AMSOIL team was excited to talk with hundreds of people about the products we offer to help save money and increase performance. We gave out over 120 catalogs.
While at the Louisville Monster Jam, I recorded a message while on the arena floor during the “Pit Party”. Again this was another AMSOIL Branding Experience that makes being an AMSOIL Dealer so special
Watch the video:

As they say, “The best time to be an AMSOIL Dealer is Now” because the opportunity keeps getting better. Better branding, better training, better opportunities, more products, easier sales and more fun.
We suggest that if you are not yet an AMSOIL Dealer, check out one of the AMSOIL Branding Experience opportunities. If you already are an AMSOIL dealer, consider taking part in an event or in the very least.
How does one find an AMSOIL Branding event? First place to look is in the top menu you have series, events and partnerships.

Current 2016 AMSOIL Racing Series

  • AMA ATV Motocross
  • Amateur National Motocross Championships
  • AMSOIL Amateur Arenacross National Championship
  • AMSOIL Arenacross
  • and more

Current 2016 AMSOIL Events

  • AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge
  • Daytona Bike Week
  • Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
  • Diesel Power Challenge
  • and more

Current 2016 AMSOIL Partnerships

  • Motorcycle Mechanics Institute
  • Marine Mechanics Institute
  • AMSOIL America Adventure
  • Sturgis Buffalo Chip
  • and more

There are plenty of ways to take part in the AMSOIL Branding Experience, get out there and have fun!

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