Since the early 2000 the AMSOIL preferred customer program has been a huge success for both AMSOIL Inc and AMSOIL Independent dealers. The AMSOIL preferred customer program works like a membership store (e.g. Costco or Sam’s Club), a preferred customer pays a yearly fee which then entitles them to a discount on AMSOIL products. The current fee as of this post is $10 for 6 month trial or $20 per year. Currently a preferred customer can receive a discounted rate when using the auto-renew feature.

The exciting news for AMSOIL preferred customers is the new “AMSOIL Perks” that have been implemented.

AMSOIL Preferred Customer Perks
As you can see in the graphic above Preferred Customer Perks Include:

Reduced Pricing

Just like in the past, AMSOIL Preferred Customers save 25% or more off the retail pricing when place factory direct orders

Freight Promotions

Preferred Customers will receive exclusive promotions for reduced freight costs, this will be promoted to the preferred customers via email, so be sure you have a valid email on file with AMSOIL Inc.

Product Promotions

Preferred Customers will receive product-specific promotions based on order history or seasonal applications

Free AMSOIL Gear

As part of the AMSOIL Branding Experience, each month, randomly selected preferred customers will receive free hats, shirts or other gear when they place an order.

P.C. Points

AMSOIL Preferred Customers will earn points on all purchases. Every 50 points earned is redeemable for $1 off a future order. Points do not expire unless the preferred customer allows their membership to expire. A great way to prevent this is to do the auto-renew feature available in each customers online account.

Referral Rewards

Preferred customers who register friends and family members as preferred customers or dealers will receive 500 bonus points after the P.C. make an initial purchase.

Dealer Upgrade Option

Currently registered preferred customers also have the option of upgrading to become an Independent AMSOIL Dealer in the future. Many successful AMSOIL Dealers started out as customers. It’s easy to upgrade to become an AMSOIL Dealer, just log into your AMSOIL Account and click on the “Buy Wholesale” like at the top of their website. This will give you the option to upgrade.
Likewise there are currently many AMSOIL Dealers that may have started out with great intentions but have decided the dealership option is not for them. Current and past AMSOIL Dealers can downgrade to the preferred customer status and begin receiving P.C. Perks. Currently many AMSOIL dealers are really just dealers in name only and only purchase the products for their own use. Maybe becoming an AMSOIL preferred customer is a better option.
If you are a current AMSOIL Dealer, you can downgrade your account (an save $10 a year) to preferred customer. The easiest way to do this is to called the AMSOIL ordering line 1-800-777-7094 Mon-Fri. 7:00 am-7:00 pm central time.
If you are contemplating on becoming an AMSOIL Preferred Customer or an AMSOIL Dealer consider working with us. We offer top level customer service and support. We would love for you to be our customer. Learn more about the new AMSOIL Preferred Customer program by visiting:
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