This weeks blog post is going to be a good one for those dealers that are interested in an effective way to grow their business.
Recruiting new dealers, customers and accounts to help you grow is one of the most important activities a dealer can do. Sponsoring new dealers into your business creates leverage for your sales efforts and can exponentially grow your business.
Each month AMSOIL Inc, puts out a publication called AMSOIL Magazine. There are great articles and tips on sales, products, and company information as well as dealer recognition. Below is an article written by Bryce Malone, VP, Dealer sales and service. I think you will find this article interesting and easy to implement into your AMSOIL Business.

Successful recruitment is guaranteed to grow your business.

-Bryce Malone VP, Dealer Sales and Service
AMSOIL Dealers often ask us what suggestions we have to grow their business. There are a number of answers we can provide depending on each Dealer’s circumstances, but there is truly only one answer that applies to all: RECRUIT. If every dealer in our network recruited one new buying customer every month, everyone within the network would experience significant growth. they key here is recriiting BUYING customers. Registering an account or preferred customer (PC) is the goal. Getting an account or customer to buy AMSOIL products is the goal. Sure, accounts and PC’s need to be registered in order to purchase, but they only have value when they buy.
Currently only about 25% of Dealers actually register a customer or account annually, and only about half of those customers and accounts make a purchase. Not great numbers. Recruiting double or even triples your efforts. That doesn’t mean you register everyone as as an AMSOIL Dealer, but if you register one customer month, and each of those customers tells a friend, who tells a coworker or family member – you get the picture. The key is expanding to new markets that you have not yet tapped into, and there are many of them. For example, how many people in their 20’s and 30’s do you know? Your grandchildren, nephews, nieces, sons and daughters drive cards, have friends and could certainly use some extra cash. Every Dealer knows of people who they could speak to and share the AMSOIL story with. Shoot them an email, put something on social media, send a text or write a letter. There are a number of ways you can tell the story and what AMSOIL means to you. Make it a point to talk about AMSOIL to as many people as you can as often as you can.
If you registered 12 new buying customers a year – just one per month – and if only half of those referred one other person, you would have 18 new customers in a year. If you had 18 customers who purchase $200 of product twice a year, you’d be selling $7,200 in lubricants a year and earning commission and bonuses on those orders. If you repeat those efforts the following year, suddenly your group is 36 people deep. That $7,200 of oil sales turns into $15,000 on which you earn commissions and bonuses. Not bad for a part-time or supplemental income. Over time you continue this behavior, grow your group and get to a point where you may in fact decide to become a full-time AMSOIL Dealer. But it starts with recruiting. Set goals and you will quickly realize that these behaviors become part of your daily life and not “work.”
I am going to issue a challenge to every AMSOIL Direct Jobber. Get your sales teams activated! Lead by example, register new buying customers and accounts, and teach your Dealers to do the same. Issue your own challenge to them. You won’t succeed by registering new dealers and just assuming they are doing the work you should also be doing. If everyone thinks someone else is doing the work, none of the work gets done. This is a very attainable goal. Register one new buying Dealer, customer or account per month and see what happens. Your group will grow exponentially, and your income will grow right along with it. There is no downside to setting and attaining these goals.
At the DJ Convention, I will award the DJ whose sales team registers the most buying dealers, customers and accounts between July 1 and Sept. 31 with the newly created “Elite Dealer Award” along with a little something extra. In addition the dealer in that DJ’s network who registers the new buying Dealers, customers and accounts will be recognized and awarded some extra cash in his or her pocket. I”m not going to tell you how much; it’s a surprise. Get after it, get your sales teams after and see you in Tampa.


As a dealer it has been my goal to have at least 10 newly registered customers each and every month. We’re serious full-time dealers and earn a great living with AMSOIL. New dealers starting out need to determine their level of commitment. The AMSOIL Business Opportunity runs the gamut from strictly part-time dealers to full time dealers that earn a significant 6 figure income.
To help you set your own sales goals, we recommend all dealers work with their sponsoring dealer, their upline Direct Jobbers as well as the Corporate Dealer sales team. It’s in their best interest to help you succeed.

If you have been thinking about becoming an AMSOIL Dealer we would love to work with you. Check out the AMSOIL Business opportunity page and get registered. The best time to become an AMSOIL dealer was 20 years ago, the next best time is TODAY! The AMSOIL Business Opportunity is strong for those that have a desire to succeed.

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