Here is a great article from our monthly AMSOIL Dealer magazine dated October 2017. Enjoy!
This company was founded with one goal: make the best oil possible (mission accomplished!). But that goal actually supported a broader ideal, which was to support “the little guy.” Our founder, Al Amatuzio, believed that no one was looking out for the little guy when it came to automotive lubrication. If this technology exists, he thought, why isn’t it being made available to the public? So, he set to work changing that.
Later, the Dealer network was founded, once again providing options for the little guy. Since then, thousands of AMSOIL Dealers have joined the network, and each one has had his/ her own reasons for signing up. Some are looking for something to do in retirement, others are looking for extra money to retire sooner. Some are looking for a way to boost their kids’ college funds or make the payments on a new boat. Some Dealers just like being part of the team and interacting with like-minded people.

“Who would have thought you could work your way toward financial independence and have fun doing it?”

Whatever their motivations may be, a whole lot of little guys are finding fulfillment with an AMSOIL Dealership today. The best part is, most of them are having a lot of fun, too. Who would have thought you could work your way toward financial independence and have fun doing it? There is no opportunity like the AMSOIL opportunity. World-class products, national advertising and sponsorships, free online training, fast shipping, no inventory requirements, low startup costs – you won’t find this same list of benefits with other entrepreneurial opportunities.

“AMSOIL = continual improvement”

Here’s something else you can count on from AMSOIL: continual improvement. And that applies to all aspects of the company. Behind the scenes, we’ve recently been working on our customer service so we can serve you and our mutual customers better. Publicly, we’ve recently launched improved versions of two of our top product lines, Signature Series and XL Synthetic Motor Oil. There’s more to come. There are exciting product innovations on the horizon and more program enhancements that we know you will love.
Whatever your motivations for being an AMSOIL Dealer, we hope you’ll make the most of these benefits. Recruit more Dealers, customers and accounts. Make that boat payment or pad your retirement account. Whatever you do, have fun doing it.
~Alan Amatuzio / Dean Alexander AMSOIL Inc., Co-Presidents
The best time to become an AMSOIL dealer was 10, 20, or 30 years ago, but the second best time is today and we would even argue, because of the changes and advances in technology it’s much easier today to become successful right away than it was even when we started as dealers back in 2000. Yeah we have a head start, but every AMSOIL dealer has the same opportunity for success if they apply themselves. We have even argued that the #1 dealer in the company has not even been sponsored yet. This business will continue to provide an outstanding business opportunity for anyone who puts for the effort.
Our promise to you as your upline sponsoring dealer is that we will support you 100%, we will share with you and your team what we have done to become successful and we will praise your successes from the rooftop!

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Alecia and Michael Sparks, AMSOIL           Regency Direct Jobber