Episode Three of the AMSOIL Dealer Podcast with Michael Sparks
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Latest News, Alan Amatuzio, son of the late A.J. Amatuzio is sole owner, President and CEO of AMSOIL Inc.
AMSOIL Dealer magazine, ask me for a pdf copy of the current issue or any issue for that matter. I’ll send it to you.  accountdirect.lube-direct.com/contact-request-login/
Social Media

  • Facebook, business pages, personal pages, groups. What does what and what not to do.
  • LinkedIn for professional network. Complete Your Profile, search out commercial opportunites and network
  • Twitter Learn it
  • Instagram for your AMSOIL business.



  • Dealers are only as lost as they want to be….You can’t hold the hand to each and every dealer. 100% of all dealers must be 18 to join, the same age to serve in the military as well as vote. If a dealer wants to become successful, wants to work the business, wants to plug into their upline (if that is even necessary) they can do it.
    I’ve found most want someone to do it for them….Just Git’r Done if that is what you want to do.
    I’ve never talked to my sponsor, and I them passed up long ago, as well as “they” passing up untold tens of thousands in commissions.
    In order to become successful, make success a priority and find mentor relationships with others that are successful both in an out of your industry.We are Independent AMSOIL dealers and are ultimately responsible for our success and failures in this business. Sure it’s nice to be part of a team and that’s what I try to do, but honestly, many of the most successful dealers on our team do not interact much if at all. Many are doing their own thing and finding success in work the business the way that works best for us. We love to be able to help all dealers, and working with a group makes sense. This is why we have created a dealer training website (where this podcast is hosted) as well as our private facebook group for dealers on our team. Even if a dealer shares one story, one success or one testimonial that another dealer could use to grow their business it’s worth it.

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