Interview with Pam Brantley, AMSOIL Dealer Sales Business Development Manager.

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In this podcast we interview AMSOIL Dealer Sales Business Development Manager Pam Brantley.

  • About you and your role at AMSOIL
  • About the RSM Program, who they are and what they do for dealers
  • RSM Specialties….Commercial, ROTS, Dealer…
  • The FSR program
  • Dealer Development team and their roles Bryan Lammi, Steve Lepage
  • Recruiting Efforts AMSOIL is doing to help dealers
  • Advantages of Recruiting and Building a Team
  • Dealer Certification program. Why it’s important to maintain Customer Certification
  • How to provide Suggestions to AMSOIL Inc.
  • Who should I contact first at AMSOIL Inc. if I need assistance?

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