Do you worry that you are “bugging” your friends and family with your products or opportunity?  If so, you may have a negative MLM Blueprint™. I want to challenge you to consider your “MLM Blueprint™.”  In other words, examine your deeply held beliefs about network marketing.  Your success depends on it!
It is possible to change your MLM Blueprint™ from negative to positive, although it will take education, coaching and work to do so. We can help you get off to a great start in changing your MLM Blueprint™.

Your MLM Blueprint™ stems from your own experience and preconceived judgements from others.

Take some time to jot down your response to each of these questions:
MLM Blueprint™ Questions:

  1. What was your first-time initial reaction to MLM?  Explore your emotions.
  2. What is your history with MLM?  How were you first introduced, and what has been your experience?
  3. What were the people around you saying about MLMs then?  What are people saying now?
  4. What is your first emotion when you hear the question, “Is this an MLM?” Is this one of those “Pyramids?”  Why do you feel that way?
  5. Are you excited to approach the people you know about the AMSOIL business opportunity?  Or do you prefer to approach people you don’t know?  Why?
  6. Not counting anyone in AMSOIL, how much money do people you know make in MLM businesses?

Enhancing your current MLM Blueprint™

  1. What is your current feeling about network marketing? Do you have access to successful people in AMSOIL (sponsor, DJ, other dealers, etc.?)
  2. Since joining AMSOIL, what has been your experience with network marketing?
  3. What are you saying to yourself about AMSOIL and network marketing on a daily basis? Are you reading and listening to positive messages about our company as well as MLM in general?
  4. How do you choose to respond to the question, “Is this an MLM?”
  5. What are you prepared to say?
  6. Do you personally know someone in AMSOIL that earns a full time income?

An exploration of the above questions and your responses will help you define the current state of your MLM Blueprint™.
Create a new MLM statement from the answer.
A new or enhanced Network Marketing Blueprint Statement might look like this:

Network Marketing (AMSOIL) provides me with a unique opportunity to create a business with low start-up costs and with very little risk. I can work it part-time until it takes over the income I receive from a job. I can build a recession-proof business with no employees, no overhead and no investors. I am in business for myself but have many others who have a vested interest in my success. I can live and work anywhere I want, always be around positive people and have an ongoing personal development plan. I can do what I want, when I want, where I want, and enjoy an adventurous lifestyle. I can create financial security and show others how to do the same. I can help others live a better life with a business that offers the same opportunities to anyone, meaning they can come from Yale or jail.  My business plays no favorites. It treats everyone the same but rewards those who perform.

Have a Personal Development Plan:

  • Create a Compelling enough WHY
  • Develop your I AM statements (I am successful, I am a leader, I am compassionate, I am giving, I am a good spouse, parent, friend, etc.)
  • Write down your I AM statements and post them where you can see them every day. Photo visualization (vision board your dreams/goals and post where you can see it)
  • Use the products, tell stories about your experience
  • Have book reading goals and a schedule
  • Get CDs or digital downloads you can listen to on the go, listen to podcasts
  • Journal daily (think in writing)
  • Have seminar attendance goals and a schedule
  • Define and enhance your Money Blueprint
  • Define and enhance your MLM Blueprint™ Available on

These three books will help you get a better understanding about yourself and our profession.

MLM Blueprint: Your Subconscious Journey to Network Marketing Success
by Kody Bateman

If you are Serious about Success with your AMSOIL Business, reading and learning is key!
Personal development through consistant self education about sales, leadership, sponsoring is the key to success.
Never stop learning.

AMSOIL’s Vision is My Vision!

AMSOIL’s Vision as stated by the President and CEO, Alan Amatuzio

“AMSOIL products in every garage, a successful AMSOIL dealer in every city and customers that are like family.”

The overriding priority in our Marketing Plan is a Business Opportunity for AMSOIL Dealers.  AMSOIL INC. provides programs and support mechanisms to help AMSOIL Dealers earn a residual income mainly through the sponsorship and training of other AMSOIL Dealers, as well as the utilization of the sales programs.

The AMSOIL Game Plan:

AMSOIL has created a great workbook called The AMSOIL Game Plan Your Path to Success.
All dealers, new and old, should have a paper copy and work the plan.  You can print yourself or order from AMSOIL.  The AMSOIL Game Plan is a step-by-step guide designed to help you become successful in your business immediately. Don’t wait to get this booklet and start filling it out. The key is getting started.
Download a PDF of this at
Also look at the “What does it take” on our AMSOIL Products Website:
Learn what it takes to earn $1,000 or $5,000 or $10,000 per month in AMSOIL.
Once you have your system down, just repeat as many times as necessary to achieve your own personal goals.
Our Opportunity offers the most exciting opportunity I know of ANYWHERE, and it just keeps getting better! If you agree that AMSOIL is a company with an amazing mission and a fabulous income opportunity, then why WOULDN’T you want to share it with those you care about most?
I challenge you to commit to showing the AMSOIL products and sharing the business opportunity with 10 people on your Warm Market List in the next week.

You may say something like this:

Hey (Your friend’s or family’s name) I’ve been involved with a company called AMSOIL since ______(how long you’ve been a dealer/customer) and I’m really excited about these products. So far I’ve been using AMSOIL in my _______ (your vehicle or equipment) and I’ve had excellent results.  I’m so excited that I wanted you to be able to experience AMSOIL for yourself. I have been using_____________ (pick your favorite product and show it to them in a catalog or online) and I think you would enjoy this as well. When I got involved with AMSOIL it was mainly to use the products, then I discovered that AMSOIL offers a business opportunity. You can learn more at your own zo link)

Click here to Join

When I got serious about AMSOIL, I made a decision to start contacting people on my Warm Market List (people that I knew and my family.) I contacted 25 people and offered to send a printout of the AMSOIL products for their vehicles. Then I offered for them to become preferred customers to save 25%.  All this represents is a DECISION TO SHARE, followed by picking up the phone and taking action.   It’s that simple!  I shared my story about using the products and the great business opportunity with each person with whom I spoke.

With AMSOIL The Sky’s the Limit!