Listening to a recent facebook live with a prominent network marketing trainer. The question came up was “How do you recruit more business builders into your business”.
This is a hard question to answer without knowing what a business builder is. You see anyone can join AMSOIL as a dealer, just pay $50 and now you’re a dealer. We have to product requirements, no customer requirement – nothing. We have dealers on our team that have had zero sales, zero customers and don’t even purchase AMSOIL for their own vehicles and equipment. (I still can’t figure that one out)

What is a business builder?

A business builder is someone who is actively and regularly adding customers and accounts to their AMSOIL Business. The AMSOIL Business is structured in such a way that personal customers are not only encouraged, but highly rewarded. As far as I know, no other home business opportunity allows their distributors to set up other commercial businesses and retailers as factory direct accounts. This hybrid program is what initially attracted us to AMSOIL. Only after understanding the compensation plan and learning about the power of leveraging ones time through recruiting others did we branch out to sponsoring.
As far as we’re concerned an AMSOIL Dealer should never stop obtaining their own customers and accounts. These activities are what you should do, as well as show your downline that you are doing what you expect them to do.

AMSOIL Business Opportunity 

The AMSOIL Business Opportunity offers a wide variety of options for anyone who desires to become successful building their own business. Over the last 45+ years, AMSOIL dealers have been passionate about helping others understand the quality, performance, and value over time that AMSOIL products provide.

Sponsoring dealers – Who Should I Sponsor?

In the booklet (no longer available) How to sponsor AMSOIL Dealers there is a list of 10 types of people that make great AMSOIL Dealers. This is a valuable list to help you determine who you should talk to about the AMSOIL Business Opportunity. Caution, this list is by no means a guarantee of finding business builders. This list is also not the only type of people that you could sponsor.

Others are sick of work because they aren’t getting the rewards, recognition and respect they believe they’re due. They want more out of life. These are people you should focus on for your personal group. Learn about the AMSOIL Awards and Incentive for Dealers and Direct Jobbers

Although virtually anyone can be an AMSOIL Dealer and no single quality is a guarantee of success or failure, some characteristics provide good indications of future performance.

  1. People who value AMSOIL products.
    Obviously, people who are enthused about AMSOIL products are more likely to be receptive to the AMSOIL opportunity. A list of satisfied customers is a great place to start looking for you next AMSOIL Dealer.
  2. People who have the desire to start their own business.
    People interested in running a business are more likely to take their AMSOIL business seriously. Many people have a desire to own their own business. Some people like the income opportunity, the freedom of being  their own boss, tax advantages, security for retirement and many other reasons. An AMSOIL Dealership is an excellent option because the income opportunity is as great as any other business, but with very minimal start-up costs. Be on the lookout for people who exhibit the self-motivation qualities of an entrepreneur.
  3. Hard-working, self-starting, stable people. 
    Look for the same qualities in a personal group Dealer as a salesman for the organization. You want someone who’s serious, capable and responsible.
  4. People with good experience. 
    Those who have worked in the direct sales industry have an advantage in the AMSOIL opportunity. They know what direct sales is all about and they can see for themselves through comparison why the AMSOIL opportunity is head-and-shoulders above the rest.Experience in the lubrication or automotive fields is not necessary. However, it can be valuable knowledge because experts in these areas will understand features and benefits of the products, and having existing contacts and experience translates to credibility that helps sell products.Of course, previous sales experience, experience running a business or other kinds of experience can be valuable, too. What’s really important is finding a way to translate whatever experience a new Dealer has into in the AMSOIL business.
  5. People looking for retirement income.
    Retired or soon-to-be-retired people are excellent candidates for a number of reasons. First, they have established a solid work ethic. They know their own strengths and have a realistic idea of what it will take to succeed. Second, they have a huge potential market, since many of their peers are potential AMSOIL customers and even Dealers. Finally, their incentive for building an AMSOIL Dealership is real: They already know the value of their retirement income.
  6. People with desire – looking for more out of life.
    There are a lot of people in the world who aren’t satisfied with their careers or lifestyles. Many of these people will become successful AMSOIL Dealers.The key to deciding which of them will make good Dealers is determining why they aren’t satisfied. It is desire of lack of it? Some people are sick of work simply because they’re sick of working; these people won’t make good AMSOIL Dealers because running an AMSOIL Dealership takes work. Others are sick of work because they aren’t getting the rewards, recognition and respect they believe they’re due. They want more out of life. These are people you should focus on for your personal group.
  7. Successful people.
    People who are already successful obviously know what it takes to succeed. That kind of knowledge is invaluable in a personal group Dealer.
  8. “People” people. 
    People who can relate to people have unlimited potential as AMSOIL Dealers.
  9. Busy people.
    Busy people know how to get things done and have the initiative to do something. The return on their investment of time is usually very lucrative to them.
  10. Husband/wife teams.
    Often, married couples make strong AMSOIL Dealerships. A husband/wife team can be like getting two hard-working, knowledgeable Dealers for the price of one. Together, they form an unstoppable AMSOIL force.

Tips for finding AMSOIL Business Builders to join your team:

  • Be sure to keep your ears open to clues on someone that may fit into one of the above types of people.
  • Engage people in conversation, learn about them–Connect on social media and build your relationship.
  • Don’t forget to ask! Ask someone if they are “open” to taking a look at the AMSOIL Business opportunity.
  • Follow up with people who express interest.
  • Offer tools and ideas on getting started and offer assistance in helping them become successful
  • Include potential Dealers in your team training.
  • Ask your sponsor and upline Direct Jobber for help, direction and encouragement.
  • Don’t be afraid! That perfect Dealer might just be waiting for you to engage and ask them.

In order to be a top level AMSOIL Business builder, you must be working all aspects of the business. Finding Customers, asking for sales, following up and sponsoring new Dealers are all keys in your success now and in the future.
If you are looking to become an AMSOIL Dealer, consider working with us, Michael & Alecia Sparks. We are full-time AMSOIL Direct Jobbers and have many people, just like you get started and have immediate success in building an AMSOIL Business. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
If you are ready to JOIN AMSOIL please go to our AMSOIL Business Opportunity page to learn more and sign up. We’re looking forward to seeing your successes!