Interview with Mark Kroll AMSOIL Regional Sales Manager

Today’s show we talk with AMSOIL INC Regional Sales Manager Mark Kroll. You’ll learn about


  • Roles of the AMSOIL RSM’s
  • New Commercial Account Inside Sales Person
  • Understanding the AMSOIL Certification Program
  • AMSOIL Customer Certified Questions and Answers
  • AMSOIL Adwords change and how many people are coming to website
  • How to tell what certification level you are
  • Understanding your customers in the dealers zone
  • Changes coming to the dealers zone
  • Canada Dealer Changes

AMSOIL’s Vision as stated by the President and CEO, Alan Amatuzio:

“AMSOIL products in every garage, a successful AMSOIL dealers in every city and customers that are like family”

The overriding priority in our Marketing Plan is a Business Opportunity for AMSOIL Dealers.  AMSOIL INC. provides programs and support mechanisms to help AMSOIL Dealers earn a residual income mainly through the sponsorship and training of other AMSOIL Dealers, as well as the utilization of the sales programs.

If you are exploring the AMSOIL Business opportunity and would like to discuss which programs best suit you. please give us a call or reach out over email or social media. We have been dealers since 2000 and have build a solid AMSOIL business using all the programs. Of course we have our favorites as well, but we do work all aspects of the AMSOIL Business Opportunity.

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Get out there and make some AMSOIL Happen!