We have been producing an AMSOIL Dealer training call since June 11th 2012. This weekly call is designed to help mentor, motivate, train dealers to have more success in their business.

We are looking for any positive feedback you could give us. We would also like to have some ideas for call topics. We want to provide information and content that will help you and other dealers.

Here is a sample review from our iTunes feed by Conrad Baker.

Customer Reviews
Extremely helpful

by sjso395 Michael Sparks goes above an beyond what is needed to ensure his team members are prepared with what they need. He doesn’t have to post these meetings or even have telephone conferences, but he does and its a great motivational tool that dealers need. It is a great way to catch up on meetings that you may have missed while was busy, or to remember a idea that you may have heard several meetings ago. Keep it Mike and Alecia, Conrad Baker

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