AMSOIL is committed to the Dealer opportunity as ever. But exposing dealers to the financial and safety risks inherent to the wind industry would be irresponsible. For the following reasons, it’s best for everyone that we handle the wind market corporately.


In a recent article in the January 2019 AMSOIL Dealer Magazine entitled “Leading the way in the Wind Industry.” AMSOIL Spelled out how through product development and testing they are able to solve some of the challenges facing wind turbine gear boxes. Many dealers over the years have asked why they cannot contact and sell to these types of customers. Below AMSOIL addresses that question and hopefully clears up the intentions to better help Independent AMSOIL dealers focus on the types of customers they can and should work with. Learn more what AMSOIL offers for the Wind Turbine Market at www.amsoilwind.com


Selling lubricants is just the start. Businesses must sign complex terms-and-conditions agreements and carry expensive insurance policies. They must also maintain a large inventory of products while providing payment terms.
In addition, businesses are expected to develop oil-sampling procedures, obtain oil samples and create gearbox-flushing procedures, among other value-added services. A business is seen as a partner available to help wind-industry personnel uncover ways to maximize turbine efficiency. It must provide on-site technical analysis and actively work to advance the
industry, not just sell lubricants. Simply entering a turbine is dangerous and requires extensive training and certification. These restrictions are in place to ensure maximum safety when working in turbines 300 feet high and beyond.


Gearboxes and other components use cutting-edge technologies accessible only to industry experts. Personnel must understand particle-count testing, oil analysis interpretation, troubleshooting and other complex disciplines.
Mechanical failures resulting from incorrect product recommendations, for example, can carry liability costs in excess of $500,000 per turbine. Dealers aren’t positioned to absorb this level of risk.


While growing, the wind market contains a relatively small number of potential accounts compared to traditional markets. Pursuing a wind farm not only will lead to disappointment, it will distract Dealers from approaching potential customers they’re much more likely to secure.
While there are Dealers who are fully capable of executing aspects of doing business with wind farms, the overall demands and liabilities are too great.

Alecia and I applaud AMSOIL for taking on this challenging industry and solving the problems that Wind Turbines face. While it sounds like an exciting market, we believe it would prove too challenging and frankly a waste of time for us as well as most other AMSOIL Dealers. Understanding the tremendous risks, the high upfront costs of becoming certified as well as covering liability insurance we feel there are many other more profits markets for AMSOIL Dealers. Thinking about other commercial markets that an independent dealer could excel at, Farming, Trucking, Lawn/landscape, taxi and delivery vehicles even light manufacturing are great places to focus for any technically minded dealer. The truth of the matter is that the AMSOIL Business Opportunity is designed for anyone at any level to get started and become successful. We feel that industries like Wind Farms and other high level industries would be like chasing smokestacks. We help dealers in our team focus on their strengths where they can be successful in in a relatively short period of time.

If you are looking to become an AMSOIL Dealer, consider joining our team. We are full time AMSOIL Dealers and Direct Jobbers that have a proven track record of helping people just like you get started and becoming successful with the AMSOIL Business Opportunity.

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