This months article is going off of last months about AMSOIL Being a Business Opportunity Like No Other.

The Covid-19 lockdown has been going on since the beginning of March and it’s now almost the end of May. Many people were considered “essential” but there are many more like service industry, hospitality, entertainment, sports and many others that have been basically forced to shut down, and layoff employees. The US has the highest unemployment rate since the great depression. It’s not more important than ever to have multiple streams of income.

There has never been a better time to start a side-hustle to bring in extra income. Below we’ll go over some great strategies for recruiting new AMSOIL Dealers into your team.  AMSOIL has a saying: “Sell for today’s income, Sponsor for Tomorrow’s income”. This means earning profits on the sales of products can build your income stream immediately, but over the long run, sponsoring, training and teaching dealers in your team will help bring in residual commissions – even if you are unable to work. Having a large and active AMSOIL Team is a great retirement / income protection strategy.

The overriding priority the AMSOIL Marketing Plan is a Business Opportunity for AMSOIL Dealers. AMSOIL INC. provides programs and support mechanisms to help AMSOIL Dealers earn a residual income mainly through the sponsorship and training of other AMSOIL Dealers, as well as the utilization of the sales programs

The primary focus of any AMSOIL Dealership is product sales, but increasing your sales force is also valuable to the growth of your AMSOIL Dealership. Finding new Dealers to join your team can help you build a strong sales group and maximize your commissions. Here are just a few places to look for potential new Dealers.


People who are looking for ways to supplement their income make great candidates. You will be more successful attracting Dealers if you present the opportunity as such – a source of supplementary income. Identify hard-working, self-starting people and see if the AMSOIL Dealer opportunity works for them.


It’s common for AMSOIL Preferred Customers to become Dealers. P.C.s already have an IntereSt In AMSOIL and theY KnOW firSthand the qUalItY and ValUe Of OUr PrOdUCtS. BY beCOmIng an AMSOIL Dealer, a P.C. Can bUY AMSOIL PrOdUCtS at the lOWeSt cost and make extra money by selling them.


Retired or soon-to-be retired people are strong Dealer prospects. These people may be looking for a way to stay active and continue to make an income. Most of them also have more free time to devote to the business.


People between the ages of 20-29 now account for 25 percent of new AMSOIL Dealers. Getting this younger demographic using our products and learning about an independent business opportunity can be a valuable asset. Younger people today are often looking for opportunities to build an income. The AMSOIL business opportunity is a great way to do that, especially for someone who already has a vested interest in auto mechanics.


Other great Potential new dealers include people in law enforcement, firefighters and people in the military. These people are highly respected, usually have many contacts and may be looking for something new to supplement their income.


Some of our most successful Dealerships are husband-and-wife teams. Successfully engaging both spouses is like adding two hard-working, knowledgeable Dealers to your team for the price of one.


  • Business Networking Events
  • Trade shows
  • PowerSports events


When talking with prospective Dealers, make sure to discuss the excellent advantages and minimal risk an AMSOIL Dealership presents.

  • Minimal startup fee
  • No inventory requirements
  • No capital investment
  • No employee expenses or requirements
  • Freedom
  • Flexibility

An AMSOIL Dealership is a great side hustle and opportunity to make some extra income. It’s not a get-rich-quick situation. When you present the Dealership opportunity, make sure you remain realistic about what new Dealers can expect and what they can achieve. Most Dealers rise to higher levels through a combination of accomplishments — personal sales, group sales and registration of other Dealers and customers. A person’s Dealership can be whatever he or she makes it, but make it clear that it takes hard work to make it happen.

JOINAMSOIL.COM is a great place to start when sharing the Dealership opportunity. It provides all necessary information on starting a Dealership and includes Dealer testimonials that highlight some of the many success stories. To learn more about effective techniques for engaging potential new Dealers for your team, check out AU Online.