Beware when trying to compare yourself to others in your AMSOIL Business! 

Many times in life we try to see what other people who seem successful are doing and compare our success to them. Yes even as a top AMSOIL Direct Jobber I still do it. Why am I not at this, why am I not making that?

The truth is, we never know or see the entire story. How many hours have they put into their business compared to you? I met one top DJ that worked at AMSOIL 60 hours per week (on top of a 40 hour job) That is a hundred hours a week. Am I willing to put that into this in order to see those results?

Another thing you can’t always get the picture on, how much money have they invested or are currently investing? Sure  dealer may be earning a 6 figure income, but if they are spending six figures on building their business are they really ahead?

There are no 2 exact people in AMSOIL, each person comes with their own skillset, their own ideas on how to build the business. The key for each of us is to figure out what we want from our AMSOIL business and set goals on how to achieve them.

One of my top lifetime goals in AMSOIL is to help 100 dealers achieve Direct Jobber and to do 10,000 commission credits per month. I’ve set this goal very high but it is doable. The key is attracting and working with top quality dealers. (That may be you if you want to be a Direct Jobber)

Think about AMSOIL Awards and Recognition posted each month in the AMSOIL Dealer magazine. Over the years I’ve have often been inspired and wondered what it took to make it into the AMSOIL magazine. Each hurdle I faced I had overcome. We have always had one commitment, that is to consistently work at our AMSOIL Business. We have strived to registered at least 10 new customers per month, sometimes this was from local face to face meetings, other times it came from our online and social media activities.

We have also strived to consistently sponsor new dealers onto our team as well as work with downline dealers and DJ’s. We have a very “well rounded” AMSOIL business. Many of our customers have been with us for years and year. Matter of fact the first Retail on the Shelf account we registered in January of 2000 is still purchasing products to this day. What have we earned in commissions off that single effort over the years. This is the beauty of the AMSOIL business. Get paid over and over off of an initial effort. This doesn’t mean we just lay back and collect checks. We still work at the business about every day. It just means that over time our efforts are paid over and over.

What does it take to earn $1,000 per month as an AMSOIL Dealer? Or what does it take to earn $5,000 or even $10,000 per month?

AMSOIL Dealer / Direct Jobber Awards and Incentives

How we turned a $50 investment into a profitable home based business with AMSOIL

The biggest advice we can give you to have more success in your AMSOIL business is concentrate on what products and customers most interest you. Many AMSOIL Dealers start out with various niches like motorcycles, powersports, diesels or racing…Go after the customers you relate with the best. The next thing is to provide the best customer service that you possibly can. Go above and beyond when it comes to providing answers to questions about products, pricing and applications. Lastly, build relationships that will turn into referrals. People gladly give referrals to those that they know, like and trust. Become a trusted AMSOIL distributor.