The Beauty of the AMSOIL Business Opportunity is that anyone can become a dealer for $50/yr. The downside is also it’s greatest positive. The downside being that with such low barrier to become an AMSOIL Dealer many people join and don’t put in much effort. Because of the low cost to become an AMSOIL Dealer many people do not treat this like a business. Below we have outlined 5 (plus two bonus) types of AMSOIL Dealers.

Note that no one must remain in any category. AMSOIL Dealers can move up and down these types as often as they choose.

1. Consumer for the discount

Many have people become AMSOIL dealers as consumers or customers in order to receive better and discounted pricing. In the early 2000 AMSOIL introduced the Preferred Customer program to help allow many to receive discounted pricing without the responsibility of being an AMSOIL Dealer. The AMSOIL Preferred Customer program has worked wonderfully over the years and has receive a revamp in 2018 offer PC perks like free shipping, free merchandise when placing order and PC points that can be used for further discounts. While AMSOIL has done a great job in trying to get many of the past dealers to change their account type from Dealer to PC. But there are many that still hold on to the dealership. In some cases business owners become dealers to help increase their profits since all AMSOIL dealers earn commissions on their own orders. We have several in our group that are dealers and business owners, like lawn care businesses, Autoparts store owners, Quick Lube Operators etc.

2. Social enroller (part of the club)

Some people join AMSOIL as dealers to be part of a club. Many love being part of something and learning about how the products work and the business works, but have no intention of growing their business beyond personal use and family and friends. We love these types of social AMSOIL Dealers. Many of them are automotive / motorcycle / anything powersports enthusiasts. They may wear their AMSOIL clothing and hats or have AMSOIL Stickers on their vehicles. These are AMSOIL Cheerleaders and for many that is fine. In some cases these people would be better of becoming AMSOIL preferred customers as mentioned above…

3. Salespeople

Many people are attracted to the AMSOIL Business opportunity as a way to earn commissions through the sales of products. This can be done in a variety of ways from purchasing products at wholesale then retailing them to local buyers. Sales people can register preferred customers and various business accounts. Many people in the salesperson category have a mindset of being their own boss and working for themselves.

Our mentor used to say, register 100 Commercial or Retailer accounts, get them to purchase $100 per week of AMSOIL products. That is $10,000 in sales per week and you would earn 20% or $2,000 a week. With 52 weeks in a year you could earn $104,000 per year selling AMSOIL. We started off on this path from the very beginning. Many AMSOIL Dealers have become very successful in their area. They become like an Account Manager or “Territory Representative” even though AMSOIL has no territories only account protection.

4. Sales leaders

AMSOIL Sales leaders are dealers that have learned how to work smarter, not harder….The saying, I would rather earn 1% of 100 peoples efforts than 100% of my own efforts rings true for these dealers. Sales leaders have started as sales people but then learned that they can help recruit and train others to build a sale team. The AMSOIL marketing plan allows dealers to create residual income by sponsoring and training others to build successful AMSOIL businesses. Sales leaders in AMSOIL have a long term goal set to grow their own personal business as well as helping others understand the products, and the marketing plan. AMSOIL used to have a saying “Sell for Today’s Income, and Sponsor for Tomorrow’s Income”

Truth be told many AMSOIL Dealers that become sales leaders get frustrated with this type. They sponsor many in the #1. Consumer for the discount or the #2 Social enroller category so they never seem to get any traction. Many will quit even trying to sponsor new dealers and go back to just being a sales person. That is okay. It’s takes a special person to have the desire to lead others to success. AMSOIL Sales Leaders have to not only have skills in selling the products and taking care of customers, but also must have leadership skills, communication skills, and motivational skills to help motive those that join the business. They also must be really good at sorting those they sponsor into the proper category. A good AMSOIL Sales Leader will know if they sponsored a 1, a 2 or a 3….and they will treat those dealers accordingly. Good sponsors realize that cannot force someone to work at the business opportunity if they just want to be a consumer or part of the AMSOIL Club.

5. Dream builders / Lifestyle

The Sky’s The Limit. With the AMSOIL Business Opportunity some individuals seize the opportunity to create an income and lifestyle that many can only dream about. The top 1% of 1% AMSOIL dealers have worked tirelessly on all aspects of the company’s vision and then use their talents to motivate and support massive downlines, setting big goals and helping others along the way.  AMSOIL Dream Builders set lofty goals and work to achieve them. Many top AMSOIL dealers saw right from the beginning that the ability to earn large incomes (some earning 6 figures per month, or over 1 million dollars per year) This doesn’t happen over night. As they say this is not a get rich quick scheme. There are many stories of top level AMSOIL dealers starting slowing, then gaining momentum as they begin to understand the power of leveraging their time among many dealers to help them create success.

Because of the nature of the internet and various types of marketing and sales strategies, it has become easier and faster for those that want to create a large, residual income. What used to take 20 years before the internet, dealers can compress time that it takes for success in the AMSOIL Business. Secondly AMSOIL Inc continues to innovate with new products and marketing strategies to help dealers take full advantage of the compensation plan. While a dealer can still order products, load them in their vehicles and drive around their city, many top successful dealers have embraced the internet to find and attract customers, accounts and others who would like to start their own business as an AMSOIL dealer

The idea of working a traditional job is long behind these dream builder dealers. The lifestyle of being able to work their business from anywhere is only possible with the technology that has become available with the advent of mobile phones and internet access. We tell people that we can work when we want, where we want, with whom we want for however long we want. In many cases having a lifestyle business dealers are almost on perpetual vacation.

Other Types of AMSOIL Dealers

I would like to hit on several other type of AMSOIL dealers

Retired AMSOIL Dealer

Eventually an AMSOIL Dealer decides they no long want to continue on with their business. Since the AMSOIL Business Opportunity is a business, a dealer has several options. One option is to help a family member take over the business. They could sell the business to the family member and use the proceeds as income in retirement. A second option is that a dealer could sell their business to another AMSOIL dealer who wants to expand their own business with a proven and successful business with buying customers. AMSOIL has rules in place to help a dealer sell their business when the time is ready. An option for a dealer is to do nothing, though we don’t recommend this option since customers are not getting taken care of and through customer attrition the income will steadily go down.

Lottery winner

A lottery winner AMSOIL Dealer is that once in a lifetime shot, maybe they sign up because they know a person in a position at a company or corporation where they have an “In”. This dealer is only it it for that one big account. This is possible, but in the long run is not a good way to go. Many times large companies can change directions without any notice. This all your eggs in one basket scenario could spell disaster for your income. Over the years we’ve landed several nice sized accounts we never expected, we like that, but we also continue to build our business with many smaller customers and accounts. Just like in the lottery, you can get lucky, but one of our long time sayings is “The Harder I Work, The Luckier I Get” rings true. Consider working at your AMSOIL Business on a consistent basis for long term growth


Which type of AMSOIL Dealer are you?

Have you started as one type and changed over time? Do you have higher goals for your AMSOIL Business after learning about these 5 types of AMSOIL Dealers?



One last thing that I’m reminded of is the saying that “Most People Don’t Make Any Money” in home business opportunities like AMSOIL. I’m sure you heard that before. When looking at the above categories you can tell that Consumer for the discount and the Social enroller type of AMSOIL dealer can severely skew the numbers. Having a lot of these types of dealers that have no intention of earning a profit or building a business doesn’t allow one that is serious about the opportunity to see a true picture of what it takes to become successful with AMSOIL. We have several pages on this website to help you understand exactly what it takes to become a successful AMSOIL Dealer.

What does it take to be successful in AMSOIL?

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